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Although today video poker is one of the most popular online games, it came surprising close to not being developed. When personal computers were just being created in the 1970s, one distributor for Bally, a maker of slot machine games, named Si Redd, first began to develop the idea for a video poker. At first, however, the idea was not a particularly popular one because the game had not yet been tested with players and it was uncharted territory. Si Redd easily obtained the patent for video poker from Bally and quickly began forming his own company, Sircoma. By 1981 his game had taken off and was immensely popular in casinos.

The earliest version of the game, Draw Poker, had a lowest possible hand of two pairs. The game was played on a screen that resembled the TV’s of the time. Si Redd continued to develop this game and soon brought his company public and changed the name to International Game Technology. The popularity of the video poker was immediately obvious as other popular floor games, such as slot machines, also began to be produced in video versions. The popularity of video poker has led to continual developments and modifications as various poker variations were introduced throughout the casinos. Even now, a quarter of a century after the first introduction of video poker, developers are still finding ways to make the game new.

Video Poker on Jackpotjoy

Jackpotjoy enjoys bringing its clients the most exciting games in the online gaming world, and it is no different with video poker. The Ultimate Video Poker Jackpotjoy has created offers enough gaming options and twists to intrigue any interested video poker player. There a variety of gaming options, including Aces and Faces, Tens or better, Joker Poker, Double Double Bonus, and more. Each of these variations offers unique gaming opportunities and the opportunity to find gaming challenges and excitement at every turn.

Jackpotjoy also makes it very easy for players to experiment with the different games. Going into demo mode can allow them to see the differences between the various versions. Once gamers figure out what they really enjoy, they even have the option of playing up to 50 hands simultaneously. Those who enjoy creating a bit of their own excitement with high bets will also be happy to hear that bets up to 200 pounds are accepted per deal.

Those who enjoy playing video poker should come on over the Jackpotjoy’s casino and play a few hands of some of their exciting video poker games. Video poker has come a long way since Si Redd first took out his patent on the game. The internet world is now abuzz with lovers of this online game, and Jackpotjoy has created their paradise.


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